An application for gambling called Rabona

You’ve certainly noticed its advertises all over the internet and in the most viewed programs of the so called national TV, programs like Asia 2019 and sports report advertising a 200000000 rials reward

Don’t get me wrong it’s not a lottery, national broadcasting in collaboration with telecommunication organization have Islamized it, so instead of giving away 90% for rewards all they have to give now is only 1% of their income!

The value added based gambling app called Rabona belongs to a company called “Pishgaman Hamrah Hezareh free zone of Anzaly” which is another company registered by well-known fraud managers of “Paya Kian Parham” company, Mohsen Vatanparast and Behnam Borna. I’ve written about its infractions many times…

Why the free zone of Anzali? Like any other clever company involved in the value added corruption, they’re not going to pay a penny for tax and our dear minister is still silent about this clear insult towards people!

Of course ordinary employees don’t need to worry; your taxes are collected automatically before you knew it!


Regardless of whether the gambling in is legally allowed or not, this website has only existed for 4 months! Meaning it’s only built to benefit from AFC Asian Cup!! Like Radiobook and any other fabricated activities in relationship with the shameful contract of Tuska it’s only trying to create a fake business in order to achieve the huge amount of income of value added, these companies have also hundreds of other fabricated overnight businesses! Which we have discussed here many times.

And finally for those who are curious about the details of their system, “Paya Kian Parham” is a servant of an aggregator company called Telepromo, meaning a part of its profit (20% or more) definitely belongs to “Mahmoud Khordbin”!

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