Mohammad Jabbarzadeh and the car scam

We have already explained about the fraud and fake doctor Mohammad Jabbarzadeh here, but in our recent studies we realized he’s also involved in the fraudulence of car import companies!

After the importation corruption of the ministry of industry, mine and trade drew lots of attention (which was only highlighted in the automobile part and the rest was deliberately ignored by news agencies!) some economic rentier companies preselling imported cars couldn’t fulfil their promises, one of them was #Persian-Pars company with Siavash Nik Ja’farian as its manager.

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Siavash Nik Ja’farian has another company for car importation at the same time called automobile chain store (KARMA), you find a lot of information just by searching its name, about more than 1300 of helpless people who lost their money. I just said that because I found a beast in those companies worth mentioning…

Mohammad Jabarzadeh is also a member of the board of directors of KARMA Company! And is clearly seen by Siavash Nik Ja’farian’s side in the company photos. Worst of all, the fake doctor Mohammad Jabbarzadeh is also the media adviser of general Rahimi the chief commander of the law enforcement force of great Tehran!!

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